By ArachneToo

More windows

... but just as I arrived at destination one in London the windows people had replied and not long after that they told me they did have the RAL samples I wanted to see. I rejigged my plans so by 3.15pm I was standing next to their showroom window looking at yellows under a cloudy sky. 

Yellow is not a standard front door colour and the Project Coordinator and the Salesman separately asked why I'd picked it. I told them about the daffodils and they both said that was just about the best reason they'd ever heard for choosing a door colour. 

I chose the more daffodilish of the two, RAL 1018.

In the presence of the Project Coordinator I transferred the large amount of money they needed in order for them to send the specs to the manufacturer with the go-ahead and I emailed the scan of the signed page of the contract. 

Done. It and me.

As I walked back along Battersea Park Road to the bus stop I felt the tight coil in my chest start to loosen. It's not been the easiest week of my life. I couldn't help looking at windows that were nothing at all to do with me.

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