Angel Place

Today would have been an excellent day for yesterday's Mono Monday challenge.  The continuous deluge of rain from yesterday had stopped and it was a fine, if somewhat chilly, day, just the kind of day to be snapping on the street.

We went for a walk along the river into town via the Worcestershire Cricket Club, just sussing out the cafe which has tables outside overlooking the ground, but no free ones in the sun today so we went elsewhere.  In case you were wondering, the cafe is not open on match days, so no watching the match for the price of a coffee.

We decided on the bus station cafe, sounds glamorous doesn't it? Actually it's a nice little cafe, The Crumpets & Coffee Lounge, on Angel Place near the bus station and it serves a decent cup of coffee.

Walking back along Angel Place after a drink I took a couple of photos of the mural of pictures along the way, part of the Worcester Paint Festival making sure I captured one or two passers-by as well.  Street Photography AND Street Painting!

ps look out for the man on the roof. I don't think he was planning on jumping!

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