By dogwithnobrain

Where the girls are so pretty

Oh I do amuse myself.

Boy and Jess are in Dublin today …

They messaged and said they were in the Temple Bar; I had a flashback to years ago when Webcams became a thing. My mum was there with her pals and we screen grabbed them outside

Checked the website. There it was.

Text Boy. Get outside. Wave to me…

I sat and giggled and snorted as I watched him come out and look up and down three streets looking for the camera.

Eventually I guided him to the right place…

Then I said ‘send Jess’

I think he said ‘head out the door and go down …

She came out the bar, and walked directly to the camera underneath and away

My chortling was becoming noticeable.

She came back into shot - this is her shouting to Boy in the pub window…. ‘Wot’


Eventually She figured it out and gave me a big smile and a wave

Heh heh.

That brightened my day no worries

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