By Charente

Who said House Sparrows are not pretty?

They really do have some lovely colours.......
Where did today go to?  I am not really sure, but I did give Mr C a haircut.  I also spent some time on the computer as every time I tried to go outside it started raining.  I did manage to bring some wood inside for the fire and I also watered a few plants in the greenhouse.  The small water butt next to the greenhouse is overflowing, but not much I can do about it other than to take water off when I need it.  The garden does not need watering!!
Dinner tonight was the last of the Javanese chicken which I served up with a small cauliflower lasagne, the latter was very good.  Avocado starter and ice cream to finish off with.  Think that is about my day.
I hope that you are all getting better weather than we are and that you have a good Wednesday.  Please take care and keep safe.

Many thanks for the comments on yesterday’s pot rack, some are quite amusing :-)  The stars were also very welcome.

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