By Charente

Blackbird in the rain.

Another day seems to have vanished in no time at all.   I spent most of the day going through dates etc for our trip to South Africa next year.    We had planned to drive from Cape Town to Durban, but it seems the road through the old Transkei is not very good and with a rental car we do not need a problem.  Therefore, we must drive from Cape Town to Gqeberha (was Port Elizabeth, now nobody can pronounce it).   Hopefully, we will be there for a couple of days and get to meet up with Schoenies. Friends will then collect us there and we will spend a couple of weeks with them before flying to Durban to more friends.  It has all got quite complicated.  Before Cape Town, we stay with friends in Johannesburg.
It has rained on and off all day again, we need the rain, but it is getting a bit depressing.
Dinner tonight was Mullet with air-fried chips and the last of yesterday’s lasagne.
Have a good Thursday and keep well everyone.

Thanks for all the stars and lovely comments on yesterday’s sparrow, very welcome.

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