My Year in Pictures

By jenny


Goodness this feels like a bit of a milestone hitting four figures!

Think I've said it all on previous blipversary's, however this place, and the people here, really are the best and are very special.

And of course I have to say thank you to the ever suffering James for putting up with my blip antics.

I didn't bring either the tripod or remote with me, so this morning saw us in my parents garden with me using him as a stand in to get the right place and settings for the base shot, then me handing him my camera and both of us hoping that we'd get a semi usable shot quickly! He's tolerant of this blipping malarky but not so patient as to try numerous attempts especially as he was getting cold feet!

Then I had wee play with the multi-exposure setting on the camera - I read the same article as Hollowspy a wee while ago and wanted to give it a go - not quite as striking as his blip but will have to do as I've spent enough time faffing and we're out shortly!

So here you have me with some of my regular subjects over the last 999 blips - flowers and plants round the garden and of course last not but by no means least Bill!

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