By davidc

Wide-on-Wednesday: "Flowing Water"

The extra was my original idea for today's Widwed blip, hosted again this week by Steveng: it was the only stream I had time to visit today, conveniently placed on my walk to my elder brother's house to sign some of the many forms necessary for the process of winding up my Dad's affairs. It's only a little stream but it's flowing a bit faster than usual after all the rain we've had.

However I took a different route back home again as I wanted to do some top-up shopping, and this route took me past Killingworth Lake. This swan clearly hoped I'd have some food for it with me (sadly not) as it came swimming towards me, causing the water to flow nicely around it. So it has displaced my first idea from the main blip position: it was the "golden hour" as the sun was getting low in the sky so the colour of the reflections on the water was rather lovely. (You'll see from the exif data that it was taken with a longish lens but I've cropped it to simulate a wide angle shot as that seems to suit it quite well anyway.)

It looks best large.

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