By Charente

What are you doing, this is our field ?

Another grey day, though it was not raining, max temp 13°C.  I decided to try and get out for a walk this morning and see what my heart rate decided to do.  I have not walked out at all since COVID and my high heart rate has been a worry. I only walked 6 kms and the only time I went over 100 bpm was up a hill.   It hovered around 80 to 90 the rest of the time.  Before COVID my heart rate was generally around high 50 to low 70.  As I sit here now just doing nothing other than typing I am at 75 which for me is high.  I am hoping that I can get in a bit more walking to try and get it back to normal, but the weather is not on my side. 
This afternoon we were waiting for a delivery of our South African bank card.  Knowing how many times we get delivery services say they have been to the house and there was no reply when we have been there all day, I decided that I had better stay in the kitchen with the light on this afternoon so that they could see we were at home!!!   I decided while waiting to make a fruit cake/loaf.   Only a small one, but it is a great recipe that I make in a loaf tin.  It never fails despite I put in double the amount of fruit to what it says.  It turned out perfectly and I have given it a good dose of cognac now to cheer it on!  I have been using the same recipe for about 40 years and we love it.  By the way, the card did arrive, and I was outside before they opened the van door!
Lots of things for our holiday have now fallen together today, and we now know that we can pay for it in Rand. 
My fruit day today, so Mr C cooked for himself. 
Thank you for the kind comment on my wet blackbird yesterday, also for the stars and the fave, much appreciated as always.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today.  Wishing everyone a happy Friday, take care and keep well.

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