By dogwithnobrain

See the Light on Your Face

Is there such a thing as too many pretty lights?

I think not!

Tooli has a set of these on her bed in Doha. And her Bed Upstairs.

I believe there is another set in the small room… I need to check that because I bought these for my bed but I liked them so much I hung them in the dining room.

I also have two bottles and a fish bowl with sparkly fairy lights. It’s that time of year isn’t it?

My sister had a knee replacement today… at least I think that was what it was.

I am still working on the budget. My brain doesn’t stop from when I sit down til I leave. Meine Arbeit ist stressig. Im learning German Too. A colleague sent me a screen shot today which said ‘which is your latest budget . And a snap of twenty revs of a budget. I said to him; why do you need the budget?

He answered ‘it was a joke - all the budget revs.

So I sent him a screen shot of my files… and he said ‘now I see why you look so stressed’

There were more revs in my file than his Joke!

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