By dunkyc

Raining on Training

It was my little sister's birthday today. I won't reveal her age, but despite the fact that she is clearly knocking on a bit, she is looking well! Happy Birthday R! 

Crazy busy day, but mainly productive as I worked through and with some of the clients and outstanding items which had been neglected over the past couple of weeks.

By the end of the day, I was caught up and ahead of where I needed to be, so headed off to collect m’boy for his weekly training session. I was half wondering whether it would be called off as it was freezing cold, the wind was howling and some heavy rain was getting in on the action, but we went ahead and the boys seemed to enjoy it.

Most of them anyway, unfortunately there was an incident between two of them, which evolved into a scuffle - m’boy would later tell me that it had been going on at school all week.

That aside, it was good fun, but I was ready to crash out on the sofa at the end of it and watch Brazil open their World Cup campaign.

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