By Charente

One from the archives!!

Sorry, I did not pick up the camera today, I got totally side-tracked and it was suddenly very dark.  This is me at 16 years old.  The pony on the right, Dusky, was my very first pony in Rhodesia.  He carried me through all Junior show jumping and I took him into adults with me in my first adult year.  He won horse of the year against horses much bigger than he was.  It came down to a timed jump-off, and he had the advantage of being small and nippy,  The bigger jumps did to worry him and he won by more than a second.  This was his last event and he retired to the farm afterwards.  The horse on the left, Kismet, was my first real adult horse at 17hh, he got up to B grade, but never made the grade to the top.  I apologise for the spotty photo; I have tried to clean it up as much as I can, but I do not have any fancy programs that are capable.
We watched Wales this morning in the Football World Cup, despite the fact I do not understand football, I sat with fingers crossed to no avail.   This afternoon was spent mostly in the kitchen experimenting!!!
Dinner tonight was Thai pumpkin curry which I served with parsnip rice.  It was excellent and we both enjoyed it very much.  I used a medium size pumpkin, so we have enough for tomorrow as well.  Or maybe Sunday, there was some talk about going out to lunch tomorrow!! It may or may not happen.
Thank you for the kind comments on my curious cattle yesterday and of course, all the stars that followed them.

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully, some better weather will be forthcoming.  Take care and keep safe and warm (or cool) wherever you might live.

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