By Charente

Out to lunch......

I had a terrible night last night, at 03h30 I go up and made myself some Tilleul tea and eventually I dozed off for 4 hours.  Got up at 8am and had breakfast and got myself ready to go out.  We went into La Rochefoucauld to the jeweller; my ring had a sharp bit that had lifted, and I was worried that I might have a diamond going AWOL.  It has five matching small diamonds and I love it.   The jeweller does his own repairs in the shop and the ring has visited him once before.  He sorted the problem out there and then and did not charge us.  He is a very kind man.   We filled up with fuel, went and bought some fruit, and then went to La Bonnieure restaurant in Chasseneuil at midday.
Lunch as you can see, we had a pâté platter between us for a starter, followed by our favourite steak tartare for the main course.  We did not need a dessert, so finished off with just a coffee. 
We came home and Poland and Saudi Arabia were playing football.  I set back my recliner in front of the fire and slept my way through the game.  An hour and a half catch up on last night :-)
I did stay awake to watch France beat Denmark, this time my crossed fingers worked. Not sure what has got into me watching football, but it is only the countries that interest me!
Thank you so much for all the very kind comments on the photo of me as a 16 year old, plus all the stars and the very kind favourite, so welcome and appreciated

Have a good and peaceful Sunday all you blippers, please keep safe and healthy.

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