By dogwithnobrain

You might forget your manners

I like to bake on a Sunday. 

Today was "Panetonni"  Well, it would be , but it has to prove over night in the fridge. 

We'll see how that progresses. 

I also had it in mind to make shortcrust pastry.   So I did.  And with the short crust pastry came the mince pies. 

I made the bases, spooned the mincemeat in (after Si had liberally dosed it with rum. 

I stood and looked for a moment, and thought.  How do I seal them? 

And then I remembered, Himself's first Christmas - which meant Christmas Dinner at Nant & Nunks. 

The games were played, the sherry was dosed, and then the mince pies came out.  Himself looked at them and passed.  Nant, Looked at him.  Offered again.  He declined.  She looked at him; looked at me and said "what did you tell him". 

And I sniggered to myself.  and then loudly. and then I couldn't stop. 

"I told him you sealed them by licking the edges"

Himself was a chef at the time and was completely and utterly aghast. 

From that day onward, They were always "licky sticky mince pies",  And I always got a skelp round the ear for my trouble. 

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