One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

It's getting hot in here...

Tsk, the yoof of today... One minute she is a fluffy, adorable little kitten, you blink and the next minute she's in heat! 
I kid you not. Big drama at home. The little thing is barely four months old. Still a kitten herself, she couldn't possibly be on her way to having kittens of her own?! The kids have since yesterday come to terms with the fact that their little cutie kitty is in heat. There are signs that are hard to ignore. Except for Mrs Raheny. She is still very much at the denial stage. There has to be something very wrong with the poor animal. She can't walk properly. The front landing gear is constantly retracted and her bum is sticking up in the air. She looks like she is in spams. She is going to take her to the vet. Sure, that will be the easiest €60 he makes today, and a good laugh to top it all. 
I saved Mrs Raheny the embarrassment (and expense) of a trip to the vet to be confronted with the reality that her baby cat is a baby no more. 
Poor little Elio. She is more vocal than she has ever been. Making these rolling throaty little sounds everywhere around the house. 
Poor little thing, infinitely confused and perpetually burning with a longing she cannot understand. She reminds me of myself between the ages of 17 and 47. 
I know of a few tomcats in the neighbourhood who would give a left ear (or part thereof) to give her a crash course in debunking the myth of the inexplicable longing. 
I have instructed everyone to make sure that the windows are all closed unless supervised when we air the house. 
Although Mrs Raheny doubts very much that a tomcat could get into the house through a window. 
Of course not. Tomcats ring the doorbell and ask in their most polite meow if Elio would be allowed to come out and play hide and seek on the green... 

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