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Foggy Dew

This is another line of trees, but one that I've photographed a couple of times – the avenue down to West Axnoller Farm off Beaminster Down.  The view to the north, as here, was foggy, while the view behind me, towards Beaminster, was much clearer.  The ridge of the Down acts as a sort of watershed in the weather and it's often completely different between the two sides, a matter of no more than a couple of miles.

I'm off to the Big Smoke tomorrow, for a squadron reunion.  It was 20 Squadron and we flew Jaguars based in Germany.  I left the unit in April 1982, so this is more than forty years later.  So much has happened since then. 

I'm not sure of the wisdom of travelling all that way for a couple of hours of reminiscing, so I might make this the last one . . .

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