By Charente

First signs of Xmas locally......

Generally, I only see this in December here, but maybe Leclerc supermarket is catching up with the rest of the world!!!!!
This morning vanished yet again with nothing much to show for it other than 2 loads of washing.  Sadly, it had to stay inside to dry as although no rain we had fog.  14h15, I had a hairdresser appointment.  Usually, I only have a cut, but she insisted today that it was too cold, and I had to have it dried!  She was probably right as we had a light frost this morning, and the early fog did not really lift properly at all today.  The sky was oddly white, with no sign of the sun at all, Mr C said the fog had parked for the day!
After the hairdresser, we did our fortnightly shop at Leclerc and only got home at 16h15.  By the time we had a cuppa and I had put everything away it was time to get dinner ready.  A salad starter, followed by a swordfish steak served with the last of the pumpkin curry and a small, microwaved potato.  They worked well together and we both enjoyed the meal.
Thank you everyone for the fab comments on my strange sky yesterday, and all the stars that went with it as well.

I hope you all have a good remainder to the week.  Our forecast for tomorrow is colder and grey, the rest of the week just gets colder and colder Brrrrr.  I hate the cold.

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