By loisbiz

Colorful Wide Angle

The Rainbow Tower has the largest ceramic mosaic in the world. In 2015 the mosaic art on the tower was restored to its original beauty at a cost of $4.5 million. Many photos of Waikiki Beach include this tower so it is well-recognized as a special landmark of Waikiki Beach.  Can you see my Blip Photo? It seems to have disappeared from my site. Please look at the extras. I have tried reloading it several times...even tried to load a different photo. The same photos are loaded in extra. The really strange thing is that the Blip photo shows up in the challenge...widwed301122

We like our room on the front corner with two balconies; one is always in the shade which is my preferred condition. We have a view of the lagoon and marina to the SW and the beach and Diamond Head to the NW. Again, I feel very privileged to be here in this location.  

I haven't been out snorkeling today...it was too rough since I slept in too late...the best time to snorkel is early in the morning. Maybe tomorrow I will set my alarm. 

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