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Dunoon dusk

I was out in the gloom early this morning, shopping despite the slight feeling of not being up to it after last night (it was a good night!), and I realised six hours later that the gloom really hadn't lifted all day. However, the rain that had been falling gently but steadily seemed to have desisted, and I felt in dire need of a wee leg-stretch, so out I went to take the long way round to the Health Store, via Argyll Street, the pier and the West Bay prom.

I don't know that it was a very good idea. Peaceful enough, with just the waves on the shore for company - but depressing in the extreme. I used to pop down to the shops at this time after work if I needed anything, and there were always people, and I bet if I'd headed into the supermarket again (heaven forbid!) I'd have found a crowd, but that was it. The two shops I went into had about two customers apiece, and the lights that have been put up for years now seemed meagre and sad in the greyness. I was glad to walk along behind the beach where I wouldn't expect people at this time of day, and to find myself in Hillfoot Street, the lesser of the two shopping streets in town but nowadays much more jolly - presumably because of the primary school, an excellent vintners as well as the Health shop, and the famous Anselmo's chippy. I bought my golden icing sugar and a block of marzipan (yes, I used to make my own, but life is now, literally, too short) and scurried home to do my Italian.

It's just about time to cook dinner now, but first I'm going to do the exercises the physio gave me for my back, whose state was not improved by two largely sedentary days. And before that I shall open the first of the parcels on the Advent Tree that Ewan brought, and light the wee lights on it. I've already opened the first door on the World Cuisine calendar which was a present from my other family - an ingenious affair with a QR code in each door giving a recipe for the spice therein.

I shall report back - may even add an extra later ...

Later: Have added extra of a collage featuring the spices calendar with its first window open (roast chicken spices); as well as a close-up of today's "bauble" on the cardboard tree, which contained a scented candle, and the tree itself with its little lights lit (they came with it)

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