By Charente

Mural on Intermarche windows today.

Beautiful paintings across the front of the shop, sure the children enjoy them as much as I did.  Sadly, I only had my mobile phone, but they came out fairly well.
I had a very restless night last night.  I slept for a bit then lay awake for several hours.  My hot water bottle felt cold, so I went and refilled it and eventually, I went back to sleep in time to get up!
Mr C needed to go to the Post Office this morning so I went with him so I could nip into Intermarche for a couple of things that I forgot on Tuesday.  I also found a couple of bargains while there.  I bought two petite coquelet, both big enough to do two meals for €2 each on expiry date.  I also bought some beef on special, certainly more than enough for two meals, they call the cut fondue here, for €5.  I might just try and do a boeuf tartare but I am still undecided.
This afternoon I updated two of my blogs, they get forgotten much of the time as blip has taken over !
Dinner tonight was an interesting combination; I had the last of the French Bourride and I added as a side dish a Daikon radish cooked Chinese style.  Yesterday out walking past a field of Daikon radishes I noticed that the wind must have blown a few seeds to the side of the road.  The soil is very wet, and I pulled a couple out, one quite big, the other medium size.  They were delicious, I cooked them sliced with ginger and soya.   The field has electric fencing around it so nobody can steal from the field!!   I must check the side of the road again :-)
The comments and stars for the autumn view yesterday with the December sunflowers were very much appreciated.

I hope that you all have a good weekend and that it is warmer where you are than it is here.   Anything under 15°C to me is cold and today was only 6°C maximum Brrrrr.

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