By Technophobe

Bah Humbug

We went to the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Dickens’ Christmas Carol this evening. 
This is the theatre at night.
What a superb production. Thoroughly recommended, except you can’t get tickets now for love nor money. We booked last June.
It’s not just a straight retelling of the original book but about how Charles Dickens came to write it and the awful “Dickensian” social conditions of the time , drawing parallels with today’s situation. Although there is really no comparison with the days when even small children worked very long  hours in appalling  conditions.  
What made this production particularly interesting was that it had integrated BSL  ( British sign language)  signing by a costumed performer on the stage  , not just off to one side, telling the story. There was a short Q and A after the performance about the signing. The signer explained how she had had to learn all the script and not only that but the actual manner in which the actors say their lines. Fascinating . Glad we went to that and glad we stayed for the talk afterwards. 

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