'n Kiekie 'n Dag

By Sanri

Friday Dinner

Big pork rib with mushrooms and red cabbage.

We watch Life of Pi. We watched it before and I read the book, but  and one thing that stood out to me this time round is the priest's reaction when he caught Pi drinking the holy water (after being dared by his older brother).

In the real world the priest (and his equivalent in all other religions  and other institutions of authority) would have chased Pi out and called him all sorts of names for the audacity to enter the sacred space and touching the holy objects. Such actions would have created an impression of Christianity that would have stayed with him for the rest of his life and, in all probability would have been reinforced by the actions of Christians he met throughout his life.

Instead the priest reacted with kindness and offered Pi a glass of water and they had a conversation about Christianity , which led to more conversations. 

Just before people get out their pitch forks, I am a Christian and accepted Christ as my Saviour, but that does not make me blind for the bad that were and is still being done in the name of Christ, nor to the exclusiveness practised by some Christians/churches/congregations/denominations.

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