By Charente

Out for a walk....

Top - Cattle, probably Limousin and the flower of St John's Wort
Bottom - Cauliflower Slime Mould (Enteridium lycoperdon) see Anne's Journal.  The little ones are what I think may be Conocybe apala.
I managed just over 8 kms and just on 12000 steps so I was quite happy with that.  It was only around 8°C but there was very little wind, and it was quite pleasant.  I did manage to go in the direction of the Daikon radishes again and found another two without getting too close to the electric fencing!
Dinner tonight was the fondue beef which I chopped very small, and we had it as boeuf tartare with all the little extras.  We both said it was delicious and equally as good as using filet.  I also made some oven chips to go with it.  The air fryer is too small to cope with a couple of bowls of chips!   We finished off with a cognac, cheers.
Thank you for all the comments on the shop window paintings and of course all the stars.

I hope you all have a good Sunday.  We have 90% chance of rain forecast starting around midnight and going through until tomorrow morning, I am glad I got out for a walk today.  Take care and keep well.

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