Carolina's journal

By Carolina

Ginger Bread!

Well, actually we just use Graham Crackers, though I did ask Jen if she wanted to make some GB and she said no and that the Graham Crackers were fine.    We had to go out and buy candy since there weren't any candy left over from Halloween this year.   Not sure if the boys even went out.  We all had a blast doing this and ran out of frosting for the glue and yards.  I had to run around and scrape frosting out of everyone's bowls and still didn't really have what I wanted.  Oh, well.  It was a blast!    Please do vote for your favorite and I'll tally these up with what Jen gets.     Thanks so much everyone and will try to get to some journals.   ( I am posting this Sat. as I didn't get the photos until after 10)
   We will try and go to Tubac for their light festival tonight.  We had rain this morning and still clouds and mist in the mountains.  Hope it will clear for tonight!!
  thanks for dropping by and I so appreciate your comments and the hearts and stars you sprinkle my way!  

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