By Charente

Looking West an East.....

Looking west at the sunset it was quite dark, but when I turned around looking East with the moon just over the rooftop, it was surprisingly light.
We both woke up quite late this morning and as I had a couple of spare egg whites in the fridge, I decided to have scrambled egg on toast with mushrooms and bacon.  We therefore, did not feel like any lunch.  We watched some French football this afternoon and we were delighted with the result.  As I type this. I can hear downstairs that at the moment England is 3-Senegal 0
Dinner tonight was spareribs cooked Chinese style and served with Daikon radishes and fried cauliflower rice. I found the cauliflower recipe on a Chinese site it was very good.  I will cook it again as I much prefer it to ordinary rice.
Not much else to report, we had rain overnight and it was 8°C max today.  The rest of the week looks like we have frosts every day.
Thank you so much for stars, fave and comments on yesterday’s walk.  Lots of different things for me to see.

I hope that you all have a good week and that it is not too cold for those of you who live in the Northern hemisphere.  Take care, keep safe and stay healthy.

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