By Charente

La Rochefoucauld Château.

This is a view of the other side of the chateâu taken down by the water's edge.  The view from the Restaurant does not show any of the back of the building.   This gives a far better idea of the dimensions of the building. 
I had plans for a walk today and a final lawn cut.  Neither happened!!  The mower would not start so it is now on the charger.  I then decided to move wood from the covered outside pile into the barn for easy moving into the house as it is needed.  Ten wheelbarrow loads later I decided that I had done my exercise for the day!   I did though decide as the sun was shining, despite a frost early this morning, to pull out the tomato plants.  I have a bowl of green tomatoes.  Too many to have just fried tomatoes so I might get energetic enough to make chutney if I can find the time.
I checked the trail camera today, there did not seem to be very much around when suddenly on 2 December I discovered that we had a new visitor, a fox.  Not sure how it got in as we have a thick hedge, and the other side of the hedge is wire netting.  Perhaps I must check and see if there is a tunnel underneath !
My fruit day today so Mr C has cooked for himself.
Thank you for all the lovely comments and stars on yesterday’s sky collage, very much appreciated.

Have a good Tuesday and I hope the sun shines for you.  Keep safe and take care.

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