By Charente

Trying to get into the Christmas Spirit.....

With only the two of us and no family, it is hard to get excited over Christmas though I do try to cook a special meal.  We do not bother buying each other gifts, we would rather spend the money on our holiday.  No goose this year, it seems there are none around thanks to bird flu.  France has put the country on "high" alert for bird flu, forcing poultry farms to keep birds indoors to contain the spread of the highly contagious disease, the agriculture ministry said on Thursday, Nov 10.  The European Union's second-largest poultry producer has detected a fresh rise in bird flu outbreaks in the past months after this year seeing its worst-ever wave of the disease, with about 22 million birds culled.  We might not even find a duck :-((((((
I have still not cut the grass, the mower would still not start despite a 24 hour charge.  We will take the battery in tomorrow and get it checked.  It is only a year old, the last one survived for 8 years!!  I still think there is a problem with the starter, have been saying this for the past year but the workshop disagrees with me!
Too cold for me outside today -2C this morning, though if the mower had started, I would have made an effort.
Tonight’s dinner was the last of the spare ribs which I served with Sweet potato and Taro cooked in coconut milk it was delicious.
I am getting very frustrated.  Google insisted I change my email password which I did, with a code on my phone, now I cannot get into my blogs or my emails.  I am going to have to change everything yet again to another password, I hate these passwords just too many of them.  I do not have the time or the patience!!!!
Thank you all so very much for the lovely comments on my favourite Château, we are so lucky to have it close by, stars and fave very much appreciated.

I hope that you all have a good Wednesday and that the weather is kind to you.  Take care and keep well and safe.

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