By Charente

Out on the road.....

The only photo I took all day and with the mobile.  The central white spot was the sun trying hard to get through.  This photo is in fact colour but you would never guess the fact!

This morning we went into the local town and visited Lidl for a pair of trousers for me and we bought a box of my favourite Californian rose wine while there.  Then into Intermarche where I found a turkey leg and thigh, it is in the deep freeze if we can’t find better for Christmas Day.  A visit to the pharmacy to update our prescriptions then home for a couple of hours for Mr C to have lunch (my fruit day) and for both of us to check computers.

Back on the road again to Gond_Pontouvre, just our side of Angouleme (where today’s blip came from) for a visit to the optician.  The place was packed, and we were there for ages.  My glasses are irritating my nose and causing a sore, they did not really have any answers, and Mr C was querying his reading glasses which he was told had nothing wrong with them, it was a waste of an hour.  We then went to Decathalon Sports shop to buy trousers for Mr C.  Because he is tall and the French are short, it is always a problem getting the right ones for him.  After lots of trying on of various kinds, he has bought 2 pairs.  It was dusk when we returned home!!!!  Mr C has cooked his usual pasta dish for dinner tonight.

Thank you for all the fab comments, stars, and fave on the migrating cranes yesterday always much appreciated.

TGIF tomorrow, we seem to have had a busy week, nothing planned for the weekend so hopefully, we can relax a bit, though of course I always end up in the kitchen!  Have a good one and keep warm or cool whichever end of the world you live in.

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