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By ajt

Good as new

This January this wall collapsed onto the owner's car: Ups! Not much happened for months other than an essential clean up. The masons were working on the house, they we were working on the right wall of the house at the time that the garden wall collapsed, and then the left wall. Eventually this summer they started to clean the hole in the wall up, and then recently they rebuilt both sides of the gate.

I walk the dog this way often, and on this morning there was no car parked, so I was able to take a good picture showing the result. Since taking this picture they've done more work on the gate and the steps behind it. At the moment the same team are working on the neighbour's wall to the right of of shot of both pictures. I think they the hard edge you can just make out on the right will be the edge where a new gate or garage will go so the owner will be able to park their car off the street.

As far as I can tell they are doing it properly with lime, waiting and then brushing the surface by hand to get the right finish, and as you can see I think they've done a good job. I dread to think what the bill adds up to, but it will be many thousands of Euros...

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