By Nigel

Meteor Visualisation Part 1, Assembling the data

Quite literally... Having decided to enter a data visualisation challenge through the website visualizing.org I am spending this afternoon assembling supporting material and data to complement the base dataset. In this case the supporting material is in the form of a classification table from meteoritemarket.com in order to reduce the number of categories that the base dataset is split into as there are far too many to visualise in the original data. After some studying these classifications can be broken down into three main types: Chondrites, Achondrites, Iron (chemical classification), Iron (structural classification) and Stony Iron. The table also supplies the required explanatory text that I will use alongside the classification breakdown in the final visualisation. 3 weeks to go.

It's a rainy day in Edinburgh today, which is a terrible shame as the end of the week was so pleasant and promisingly Springlike and I'd hoped that I might be able to get out for another bike ride or two. In the absence of mudguards and water-proofs I don't think it would be a very satisfactory experience.

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