By rainie


Ingeborg suggested 'find and shoot the extra in the ordinary in an abstract way'. Well, I'm not sure how to go about this, but parsley is very ordinary in my garden, and I've got a glut of it at the moment, so much so that these pretty seed heads have popped up.  Weirdly, it was taken against the black wall of our home, but has come out blue....perhaps I had the white balance on Auto.  I don't mind it this way, adds to the abstraction.

Yesterday, while gardening my glasses fell/got knocked off my head without me noticing until a little while later (so engrossed with the task in hand).  Doug and I both set to to find them, and in the process one of us stood on them, didn't break the lenses but buggered up the frames big time.
Long story short - claimed insurance (without any excess), managed to get a  cancellation at the optomotrist this morning, eye test, slight deterioation in my left eye, excellent eye health he said and way above what is expected for my age group (old).  Chose new frames but what with Christmas holidays it will be three weeks before they are ready.  Fortunately, the nice man was able to doctor up my broken glasses, wired and taped.  Hopeful they will hang together.  I do have other ones that I can use.  
Parcels posted , collected my ham and gluten free sausages from the butcher, and treated myselt - I bought a dress !!!


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