One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Splashing out on the kids

The French put it best when they say "quand on aime, on ne compte pas"
I'm the same. And it's not just down to my Gallic origin.
I love money. Or to be more precise, I have a certain passion for the retention of the latter.
I don't love it to the point of being willing to put in the massive effort required to amass a reasonable amount of cash, no. Life's too short.
But being a one-income family of five, certain choices have to be made on a daily basis.
Lady D.I. calls me thrifty. And then, when I am not around, she also calls me a miser.
But "when one loves, one does not count".
I love the retention of money, and I love my kids. And I no longer count the number of times I have made a detour not to drive past a funfair or a circus. Or a McDonald's. Or a Ferris wheel. Or a toy shop.

But one has to learn to splash out from time to time.

Today we got them the Forest-muddy-splash-deluxe package.

They loved it.

I even let them throw an extra stone each.

At no additional charge

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