By spannarama

City sunshine


Into the office for our staff Christmas lunch today.  I worked from home for a while first, then headed in mid-morning.  Had a really lovely day with all my lovely colleagues.  We had hot food delivered by one of the caterers we often use for events, and had a strict self-service rule on everything, in an attempt not to make work for certain of our colleagues.  My manager had decorated the room, too, so it was all super festive.

After lunch, I helped to host a quiz for everyone, along with three of my colleagues (I'd done an 'IQ' or 'mind bender' round - seemed to go down OK, apart from with Charlotte, who hates organised fun and was like a petulant child throughout the entire quiz).  We then went upstairs, which had been set up with ping pong tables and a bean bag throwing game.  Had a lot of fun on those, too.  As everyone was starting to flag early evening, my colleague Stuart forced us all to play a game which involved us running round the table and taking a single shot before passing the bat on to the next person for them to take their shot.  Fun, but tiring!

Eventually left just after 7pm and headed home for a very relaxing evening with Tim.

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