David J. Rose

By djrose007

The Brize Norton Jump and Lift

These exercises are so strenuous they are usually only performed twice, maybe three if we are lucky, times a year.
Arriving at Brize Norton there is the usual long wait (Heathrow is quicker but Brize does not have the technology that they have at LHR to deal with passengers and luggage).
But the wait is always well worth it when you see the faces of Bella and Hetty, I think it was Bella jumping for joy, and why you might ask. I don't suppose it was anything to do with the sight of Grandad, more like jumping in fright!
10/15 minutes later they were gone, in the back of the car. I drove extremely carefully as they were not in good positions for sudden stops.
Wonderful to have them with us until the 3rd January.

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