Life Photographically.

By SaraJean

A recap.

One of my beautiful friends and her monkey of a son. Love them both. Also they are awesome for letting me test out new gear on them!

So i guess I might be due for a bit of a recap...

1. I finished school for the year. The program I went into is a two (or technically 3 if you count the foundation year that i skipped) program. Though I'm really glad I took the first year, at this point I will not be going back for a second year. There are a few reasons behind that decision, but it's mainly because I don't feel (with my experience in photography) that I'm learning enough for it to be "worth it." I loved the teachers, my peers for the most part were awesome, but my skill level exceeded theirs and therefore what could reasonably be taught in class.

that brings us to...

2. The Mister and I are strongly considering taking a course and going to teach English next year. It's a bit scary at the moment while we try to work out details.

and some other random stuff...

3. I have a new website up, though not quite finished, but you can check it out at

4. Been testing out the new lightroom5 beta, and all in all I like it. A bit disappointed in the heal/clone brush. Still not enough control over it, so I'll be keeping PS around for that. I live the radial gradient tool, and the black and white conversion is great. I edited the photo above using LR5 just as an fyi.

5. I'm shooting my first wedding on the season next weekend, and I'm so excited. What makes it even better is that there are friend of ours and I couldn't be happier for them.

Other then that it has been a busy busy year for me with work and school, but I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my camera doing what I want this summer.

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