By Charente

Just for the record......

The carpenter promised to have the new shutters made and fitted before Christmas and he did just that.  The first window at the other end was easy as the window happens to be almost square.  The one he is working on now is a typical French build from 200 years+ ago and there is not a straight line anywhere!   One more coat of paint and they will look perfect.  They are made from beech which he tells us will last longer than oak.   He had a couple of other jobs that he must do for us but has said he will be back between Christmas and New Year.
I went down to the local Lidl this morning as I wanted a buy more fruit and some brussels sprouts.  They did not have the latter and neither did Leclerc earlier in the week.  The last resort was to try Intermarche and they had a few pre-packed ones which looked quite fresh and clean, yay we have sprouts for Christmas day :-)  We both love them just lightly cooked and still crunchy.
Dinner tonight is experimental, I did not want leftovers as we have friends coming around tomorrow evening for an aperitif.  I will do enough snacks that with lunch we will not want a meal tomorrow night.  Tonight is an onion, butternut, kale and tomato frittata.  I have already lightly cooked the veg so all I have to do now is add the eggs and stick it all in the oven.   We will have a salad starter.  I bought more avocadoes today, but none are ripe yet.
Thanks for all the kind comments yesterday and for the stars and fave, much appreciated.

I hope you all have a good Wednesday.  The weather is surprisingly mild here, but we expect a lot of rain.  It is very windy and the cover blew off the wood pile last night.  Back on now and tied down even tighter, Take care and keep safe.

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