Adam's Images

By ajt


Took today's picture at the hippodrome while walking the dog. It's another go with the macro setting on my phone and the results weren't so great. The automatic JPEG it created was not that good, but starting from the RAW, I was able to rescue enough to make a workable blip. I used a grad to save the sky, and then a whole battery of filters to improve contrast and remove haze, and the result won't win any awards but it's an okay blip. I've no idea what it is, but it's probably not a good idea to eat it.

After taking the dog for his walk we went to the supermarket and picked up some new LED lights for our Christmas tree, our old ones are incandescent, and coming to the end of their lives. I've been cannibalising lights from one string of 100 to keep the other string of 100 going. Last time we used them (not last year as we had Christmas at my mother-in-law's) we also binned several strings that couldn't even be used as donors for other strings.

The modern LED lights are 240 blue-white lights with a total energy drain of 3 W. The old ones were 50 warm-white lights for a total energy drain of 30 W. So you get a load more lights for a tenth of the energy, and they more white in colour, more reliable and a lot safer in theory...

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