David J. Rose

By djrose007

A flat and Cakes

Last night I made some cakes, but I messed up the icing because the butter was out of the refrigerator so I softened it in the Microwave before beating it - big mistake! Anyway, I mixed in icing sugar and it was in the fridge overnight. This morning Marlane broke it up and started the beating process and, after a while, I took over and at least it was spreadable! The twins, Buddy and Hendrix all enjoyed piling all sorts of toppings, including gold and silver spray, on top and then, of course, eating them.
Another episode, last night, was Julia getting home with a flat tyre. I went out to see how bad it was. It was totally flat so put my electric pumpyblowyupthingy on and it went up a few PSI. I moved my hand around and found quite a strong blowing of air from a point about half way across the tread.
This morning, in the rain, I jacked it up first with the car jack and then, when I could fit it underneath, with the hydraulic jack (you may notice the half bricks under the rear wheel, front and back, a tip my father taught me, just to be safe). Removed the duff wheel and put the 'Space-Saver' wheel on and Julia took it to a tyre place. They put a 'Part Used' tyre on, for £30 which seems like a bargain but I'm not totally happy with a part used tyre, you never know where it's come from! although I must say it looks fine and there's lots of tread on it. Also, the Hyundai doesn't do long, or fast, journeys so it will most likely be fine.

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