By Charente

Before and after......

Several of you commented about the colour of our shutters and how good the green looked. The before photos on the left (2005) were from when we first bought the house.  The photos on the right are as they are now.  You can also see at the front of the house we also removed the plaster to expose the beautiful stonework.
N.B. Since these photos were taken we have changed the windows and outside doors to new wood (oak) frames and double glaze.
Not much going on as I have been sorting out snacks for visitors tonight.  We were expecting 5, but 3 have gone down with the flu, so we now only have 2 friends coming.  Lots more for the rest of us to eat!!  I have a dip with veggies and a large quiche so we will not go hungry.
Thanks for all the comments and stars yesterday always appreciated.

I hope that you all have a good Thursday, take care and keep safe.  I might only get back to comments tomorrow!

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