Although the weather wasn't very good over the Lakes so I decided to turn right from home and follow the road to Whitehaven and beyond, and go to Wasdale and Wastwater.  When you actually get into The Lake District it is often not as miserable looking as it looks from a distance.  This was the case today.  No rain, just low cloud hiding Scawfell Pike, to the right.  All well and good.  Chilly on the fingers.  As I said there is always something to photograph and so it was.  The Fells looked great, but a car parked next to mind and I realised what the occupants were going to do.  Changing into swimming gear + warm coats these two stepped jauntily to the lake and then cautiously walking into the lake in case of falling. I had asked them if it would be ok to take photos and they didn't mind.  I have sent them copies as they asked.  Like my Blip friend 'Puffin,' they regularly have 'a dip.' Once deep enough off they swam with shrill voices well and truly heard.  Hardy ladies-no wetsuits.  Mind you it didn't take them long to change back into those 'Super warm' coats.  A case of the right place, right time.  The extra shows their effort/enjoyment!

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