Every Little Step

By moonfairy

Another Day, Another Park.

I hadn't planned to go out today.  But the girls wanted to.

So, I suggested we go to a park, which was being refurbished the last time we went there.

So, we went to Oxenford, which was a village when we came here, but has been a bit built up since.

But there is still a village cricket club, and a pony club.

The playground was near the cricket club.  And I had no idea there was such a large lake there too.

The girls had fun as there was a lot of different things to do.  There was nobody else there, and it was all nice and clean.

My favourite picture is the bee one.  They look as if they are about to take off.

We saw a family of moorhens on the lake.  And loved the purple water lilies.

We will definitely go back to this park again.

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