By Charente

Fun models.....

I went into the local town this morning as the market was on.  Very disappointing, not as many stands as usual, and nothing that caught my eye.  I was looking for gifts to take to S. Africa!   One of the shops though had an interesting collection of automated Xmas models.  All the people were on the move and it was quite spectacular.  
Last night went well and the company was good.  A change to have French friends here, many of our English friends have returned to the UK.  Our entertainment level has seriously dropped.  We are going to English friends for New Year though.
Not much else going on, it is raining again, and although it is a much milder temperature, we have the fire burning in the lounge keeping it cosy. My night off from cooking as it is my fruit day again, they seem to come around more often than they used to, but in fact, they still remain Mondays and Thursdays.
Thank you for all the kind comments on the before and after of our house.  In fact, most of the restoration was done on the inside.

Please take care and stay safe only a few days left now to Christmas.  I must give my menu some thought, I will go the French route with 4 courses and just maybe an amuse-bouche. The main meal will be at lunchtime and I can stretch it out over the afternoon! Have a good Friday everyone.

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