Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Snow falling, or blowing about, this morning, on the Golden Bridge.

Curiosity struck in the extra - Lecturer to Student: "Did you not hear me when I said you had to have the resistor connected to the power supply?"
Student; "Yes, I did."
Lecturer: "So, why didn't you heed the instruction?"
Student: "I just wondered what would happen if I shorted out the terminals."

I knew exactly what would happen, and the last of the spare power MOSFET transistors was deployed in place of the blown one. A new fuse was also required, as usual. About £5 in parts. The characteristic Muttley-like mutterings were heard emanating from the workshop...

At least it wasn't as drastic as the apprentice with the blowtorch he'd been using to strip paint from a metal frame, wondered what would happen if that tin of paint marked highly flammable was...

Close call. After the building evacuation, the Fire Brigade dealt with that one.

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