By Charente

A Christmas gift......

from my Mum which she made for me more years ago than I can remember.  It has had pride of place hanging in our house every year. ever since.
It has been a horrible day, and although mild in temperature (15° Max 12°C Min), it has been grey and almost constant rain or drizzle all day (23 mm last night).
I struggled to go to sleep last night, but then I woke up late, so I was not short on sleep in the end!  I made up a big saucepan of ratatouille this morning.  I needed to use up the last of the courgettes, they have lasted so well.
This afternoon was spent not doing very much.  A couple of sewing repairs that needed to be seen to, and some updates of emails on the computer.
Dinner was the last few slices of last night’s quiche with the ratatouille.  Avocado starter.
Thank you for all the very kind comments on yesterday’s Christmas decorations and of course all the stars.

I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend and those of you that are spending time with your families enjoy.  You are very lucky, and I hope you appreciate it.  We will be spending a very quiet weekend with just the two of us.  

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