The Way I See Things



R and I were both up pre-dawn today - though that's not saying a lot, as the Vale was trapped under a thick lid of cloud, and dawn didn't really break till about noon - and off out to source the last of the Christmas food. By 9am I was back in the kitchen, making a chickpea curry to go in the freezer for next week, and by 10am R was zipping around deep-cleaning bathrooms. And thus the day went, with a short break around dawn noon for coffee and stollen. By dinner time we were both toadally zorsted, but luckily we were well on top of the to-do list, so we've been zonked on the sofa all evening, watching silly TV while mainlining a small bucket of red wine.

Once again I'm grateful to the squirrels in the garden, for providing me with the only photos I took today. It's only fair that they should though, given how much of our "bird" food they eat. I put apples on the lawn in the hope of enticing winter thrushes (though I don't mind the non-winter thrushes enjoying them too), but at the moment the squirrels are hoovering up everything they can find as if they know there are hard times on the way, and virtually no other creature gets a look-in.

There's a sequence of this little chap enjoying his apple here, if you'd like to see it.

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