It's a Beautiful Life

By ArtyFi



A few friends, hubby and I went on a pilgrimage to Lindesfarne. Fortunately the rain stayed away and we had a lovely, if somewhat breezy, day on the island. I took loads of photos, but this was by far the best (albeit with a little editing). I think it is a safe hut where you can shelter if you get caught out with the tide!

Check out my two backblips from my last ski trip if you are interested:
Tuesday 26 March
Wednesday 27 March

This is one of the more recent photos I've taken! I've been absent for a couple of months, more due to busyness than anything else, and haven't even had much time to get out wandering with the camera (the weather has also been somewhat uninspiring!) There are so many things I want to get done in the day that something has to give. However, I have missed it and fully intend to be back here more regularly, though not every day. I'm browsing through all your wonderful journals to catch up where I can :-) I think I have one or two other more recent photos to put up in due course!

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