By wrbradley

Kilmood Parish

This morning I was travelling to another location when I saw the morning winter light fall on Kilmood Parish against a gray sky.  With the sun low in the sky the light was gentle.  So I abandoned my original travel plans and anyway Kilmood is less that 3 miles from home.  Normally I would use a 35mm lens of these kind of shots, but I only had a 50mm with me.  Who knows 50mm may become my goto lens,  previously it was 35mm.  You will notice all my submissions have been taken with 50mm!  Now the confessions, I forgot to check my camera and it was set to 800 ISO from yesterday, so the shutter speed is 1/16000 of a second!!  So always check your camera before going out.

Starting Blipfoto in December has been great, it has taught me to appreciate winter light.  Soft warm light and long shadows, what more could you wish for?

ps:  I have added a B&W version which I think looks better.

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