My Photo Journal

By kimwilkie33

House Sparrows

The birds seem to know when bad weather is coming, and they have been visiting the feeders in large numbers. I managed to photograph these House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) through a window while they enjoyed the peanut suit balls. It was very windy, so the poor birds had a tough time holding on to the feeder.

It rained much longer than expected before it changed over to snow, so I do not think that we will end up with the 6 to 10 inches (15 to 25 cm) that is forecast. The arctic cold front dropped the temperature to -2°F (-19°C) very quickly this evening, and the high winds made it feel much colder. On my way home from work at 11:00pm, I had a flat tire. I tried to call a tow truck, but there were none available. My Brother-in-Law came to my rescue and changed my tire at midnight in this awful weather. I owe that man a great debt.

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