By D77


There's never a shuffling, silhouetted figure about when you need one.

I thought I'd take wingpig's comment/suggestion on Sunday's blip on board by showing the image to a group of girls from my D4 class and asking if they wouldn't mind providing the shuffling silhouettedness. They agreed it would make the shot much creepier with them in it. (I added that their abayas and scarves reminded me of the character out of 'The Grudge' which they acted playfully hurt at, but got exactly what I was saying nonetheless.)

After class, I grabbed my tripod from downstairs, set the camera up on continuous shooting mode with a bit of tungsten white balancing and the EXIF data you see below.

On my mark, they walked slowly up the corridor and added their own artistic interpretation by making weird noises and waving their arms about like they were going to kill me. It was great fun and we had quite an audience wondering what on earth we were up to.

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