One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The Christmas family photo (sob)

After yesterday's deplorable display of immaturity and scatological humour, I was determined to up my game for my Christmas blip. It would be family friendly, topical and fun, without being vulgar. 
I thought that a family photo on the couch would be a safe bet. 
Except that as I took the first photograph, I noticed that Finn had raised his middle finger. I was not impressed. Neither was Mrs Raheny. So we proceeded to give out to him. When I tried to resume the family photo session, I realised that Mimi had joined in the provocation. Shortly followed by Luca. 
I turned to Nana, and tried to convey in one weary look all the frustration of being a parent to such a gang of hooligans. 
But when I caught her eye I realised that there was no stopping the contagion. 
Here is a pandemic of raised middle fingers. Happy Christmas everyone. 

Extra: Luca has a had a few Christmas scoops too many... 

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