Our Christmas Day.

We did things a bit differently this year.

Christmas Day is always a bit of a rush around, for Alexandra.

So, they saw Peter's family yesterday.  And they came to us today.

The girls loved all their presents, but especially the beautiful dolls.

We also managed a quick trip to Robina to the sales.

We only wanted a couple of things and managed to find both.  We were out by 10 a.m., just as it was becoming a bit busy.

But there were still plenty of spaces in the car park when we left.

They came back for a bite to eat then they went home, so spend some time with their dog.  She'd spent most of the previous day on her own.

My husband and I then made a quick trip to Bunnings to get some things he wanted for tomorrow.

Came back and just started my lunch, when I got a frantic phone call from Isabella, to say her Mum had hit her head badly on a kitchen cabinet, which she was cleaning out.  (Their Dad was working today).

We raced over and found Alexandra laying on the kitchen floor.  The girls had got her a pillow and an ice pack for her head.

She had a huge bump on her head, but luckily no cut.

We stayed until she felt a bit better, then returned home to finish our lunch.

She rang later to say she was feeling better, just had a muzzy head.  But she was taking it easy for the day, and doing Lego with the girls.

So that was our drama for the day.

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